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"To understand everything is to forgive everything."
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The point of life is getting shit done and being happy.

- Kanye West, GQ Magazine (via kimkanyekimye)

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You have this one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.


“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”

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My sister and I used to get random “I love you” or “what’s up” text messages from our mom at like 3/4AM. We thought it was weird and funny because she goes to bed at like 10PM. So my sister asked my mom why that was and my mom responded, “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of you guys.”

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I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.

- F. Cabanes (via aurelle)

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Always wanted a friend that lived close to me that could come outside with me at night and just talk about anything and everything

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